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As a Doctor of Chiropractic we are the world’s leaders in this wellness revolution and humanity is in dire need of natural solutions to balance the toxic and deficient burden our society has placed on us. Never before in the history of mankind have we ever been so sick and imbalanced. Patients are praying for a solution to get and stay well. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Specific, corrective chiropractic care has been proven to change the physiology and function of millions of people throughout the world. But, in a society that has so much disease and imbalance it is critically important to create purity and sufficiency through a proper whole food diet and exercise too.
Recently, science has discovered an endocannabinoid system that is endogenous within our human ecosystems an it is critical to overall homeostasis when properly balanced. Scientists have stated that our endocannabinoid system is more important then the discovery of sterility in an operating room. It is absolutely critical to have the system balanced in order to achieve overall wellness.
With my traditional training in corrective, chiropractic care and the science of human wellness certification I have recently added supplementation of the purest and highest grade CBD oils from PureCannaceuticals. In our office, we see seizure disorders eliminated, better sleep, less to no chronic pain, chronic inflammatory issues eliminated, quicker muscle recovery in athletes and much more. I am confident to state that if you are not using this required nutrient from PureCannaceuticals to balance your patients toxicities and deficiencies, your results clinically are subpar. Please do your patients and your practice a favor and get on board with the greatest breakthrough of natural health and healing with high quality CBD supplementation.
Recommended Baseline Doseage : PCRX
Chronic Ailments - (10mg CBD - .5mg CBG)/100Lbs per Day
Minor Ailments - (5mg CBD - .25mg CBG)/100Lbs per Day
Maintenance- (2mg CBD - .1mg CBG)/100Lbs Day
Yours in Health,
Dr. Nathan Riddle, D.C., C.C.W.P, Psc.
Dr. Nathan Riddle, D.C.
PCRX by PureCannaceutical is 100% THC-Free line of Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil Products designed for Healthcare Professionals and Patients alike. PCRX was developed utilizing our line of Highly-Accredited PCX Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products and added 99% Pure Cannabidiol {CBD} and 99% Pure Cannabigerol {CBG} to guarantee Consistent Doseage and Results in this Formulation. For more information on CBG and its properties click here. Our PCRX line also features a Printed and Calibrated dropper and Easy-To-Read labeling makes accurate doseage a quick and easy process. Our Zero-THC guarantee along with physician backed doseage guidelines make PCRX the preferred choice for Providers and Patients searching for maximum benefits without the risk of psycho-active effects caused by THC.

















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